The extraordinary power of curated content

curated content

There’s a lot of pressure to create content today. Epic, authentic, viral content.

But perhaps the key to content success is not necessarily through originality, but through creating a wise curated content stream that helps people save time and money.

Most industries have at least one go-to newsletter of curated business highlights. If your industry doesn’t have that, maybe it’s a golden opportunity. I’ve seen people create curated content in pharma, tech, defense, and entertainment. Many have gone on to leverage this real or perceived expertise into consulting, books, and speaking careers.

But summarizing the work of others isn’t necessarily easy. In fact there is a certain art to it which we cover on the newest episode of The Marketing Companion.

In this episode, Scott Monty takes over as co-host for a day and explains his process behind the Full Monty newsletter. He explains how an internal newsletter at Ford Motor Company was the inspiration for what has become the go-to weekly content in the digital marketplace.

We also explore why there seems to be a “Tom Webster bias” creeping into the show …

Click on this link to listen to Episode 114

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Many thanks to our friend Scott Monty for the awesome show intro. Be sure to check out his amazing newsletter The Full Monty and his new podcast available here:

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