The first hiatus: Why I’m taking a break from blogging


My cherished blog-reading friends,

Every week for the past 12 years I have written freely, openly, and passionately for you. With pride, I can say that I’ve never missed blogging for you over the last 650 consecutive weeks — even through illness, life trauma, and extended overseas trips. For many of you, my blog has earned a tiny place in your life and I am forever grateful for that.

A little piece of me is proud of “the streak,” but ending it is an easy decision because I can set a better example as a leader by taking a break. Did you know how many weeks in a row I had blogged? That’s what I thought. It’s not that important in the grand scheme of things!

2020 was a hard year for most of us. Toward the end of this mess of a year, I was feeling so tapped out from the accumulated stress, multiple illnesses (including COVID), and the intense process of writing a new book that I turned to my wife and said “I don’t think I have anything left.”

It’s time for a break to rest and recover.

So, I’m trying a grand experiment! For me, not working is stepping out of my comfort zone.

I’ve decided to take my first-ever break from blogging during the month of January, 2021. I’ve rented a place on the beach with the intention of restoring my heart and mind through a few weeks of sea-tinged nothingness and copious amounts of seafood. If you want to see my seaside dinner choices and beach pictures, please follow me on Instagram.

I love writing for you … almost more than anything. I blog because it is such a fun intellectual challenge. I adore the feeling of “I can’t wait until they read this!” But there is also an incessant pressure of being great on a weekly basis.

So I intend to force myself to NOT blog … to do not much of anything for an entire month … because I know I can be better for you on the other side. It will go fast. So don’t worry, I’ll be back soon — I still have a LOT to say.

Thank you for your love and support through everything. I never, ever take you for granted.



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