The Best Digital Campaigns of 2012

I am so very happy to provide you with some exciting and exclusive content from my friend Gregory Pouy, one of the most noted marketing bloggers in France. Gregory has compiled his annual list of the best digital marketing campaigns of 2012.  You’ll laugh … you’ll take notes … you’ll be amazed!

But most of all I hope you’re inspired by the leadership and creative fire-power demonstrated by these case studies.

“This was a great year for innovative and groundbreaking campaigns, ” Greg told me.  “We’ve seen more and more 360° campaigns (like from American Express) which are not purely online or offline but really use the whole range of communication tools. This year, we’ve also seen brands such like Nike focusing on their brand’s promise instead of just their products, delivering an amazing product like the fuelband.”

This presentation is also an invitation to take a quick trip around the world, as there are campaigns from Thailand, Russia, Brazil, Sweden, Belgium, France, Australia, UK, Germany, Canada and the U.S.

Greg has also done a great job identifying a key take away for each campaign.

“The slide deck was produced with love,” Greg said, “and I hope you’ll enjoy the ride!”

Gregory Pouy is based in Paris and one of France’s leading marketing bloggers. You can learn more about his work on Slideshare and by following him on Twitter @gregfromparis. He founded @LaMercatique, helping brands to better understand and integrate digital in their marketing strategy

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