A 6-step plan to determine your social media strategy

Some time ago, I wrote one of the blog posts I am most proud of, describing a six-step process that will lead you to a social media strategy. The problem is, after about four weeks (or less!), nobody sees the post any more. This valuable content that can be helping thousands of people is now buried in the social media dust bin of “old posts.”
So I have been trying to breathe new life into these vital ideas and one strategy is develop short eBooks on Slideshare. These are fun, lively and attractive presentations I am creating with the help of designer Sarah Mason.

I hope you enjoy this little slide show and if you like these ideas, you can get the full version of the six-step strategy in my new book, Social Media Explained: Untangling the World’s Most Misunderstood Business Trend. If you are in charge of marketing strategy for your organization, this is an entirely new way to look at social media and its place in the marketing mix.

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