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blog post ideas

I have this creative system to develop blog post ideas.

Every day as I think of ideas that might make a great blog post, I dutifully record it as a headline in WordPress for later assessment. Sometimes an idea blooms into an article, but more likely the idea slowly floats down to the bottom of the pile like a dead leaf drifting to the depths of the sea.

Over the years, my list of potential blog posts has built up to include 268 ideas, and I began to wonder … just what is down there at the “bottom of the sea?” What was I thinking about four years ago when this pile started to accumulate?

So I started cleaning out the closet. I uncovered some long-forgotten ideas that still ring true … they will probably be resurrected into full-blown posts some day. Others just don’t make sense any more so I deleted them. But there was another list that I want to give to you: Good blog post ideas that I never intend to write.

The following list is up for grabs. If any of these headlines inspire you to write a blog post let me know and I will tweet your post and add a link back to your piece at the bottom of this post as a historical record of what happened. Up for it?

Try these headlines on for size:

1) Engagement is an honor

This was an idea from four years ago but it still seems applicable today, doesn’t it?  With the trend toward cutting out blog comment sections, does anybody still believe that it is an HONOR to be hearing from your fans and customers? (I do.)

2) Sustainable transparency

All I had was a headline, What the hell does that mean? If you know, go ahead and take the topic.

3) Mark Schaefer is interviewed by a drunken sock puppet

My daughter is hilarious and has performed in comedy improv groups for years. Sometimes when we are together we make each other laugh so much it is hard to catch our breath. Over one holiday we had this stupid idea to make a video where I would be interviewed by a drunken sock puppet, played by Lauren of course. It never came to be, but I still think the idea would be entertaining and hilarious.

4) A peace plan for small business owners and their web developers

There seems to be constant rancor between businesses and their web design folks. The business people always seem to be frustrated because the web folks don’t understand what they want and the tech department claims the business people can’t articulate their need. The post was half-written, advising the web team to “hire earthlings.” What advice would you give?

5) The biggest social media question on everybody’s mind

Unfortunately I wrote the headline but I didn’t capture the actual question on everybody’s mind. What was I thinking? If you know, go write it. It would make a great post.

6) The social media dictatorship and other observations from Einstein

I play this little mind game where I transport people from the past into the present and dream of what they would think about our world today. So what would Einstein think about Facebook? “They edit what you see in your news and claim ownership of all your content and personal information? Is this a form of dictatorship?” Who is your hero from the past? What commentary would they make about social media today?

7) Confessions of a LinkedIn slacker

You can do so many things on LinkedIn but I just don’t spend much time on there. I need a plan of action. So I was going to spend a lot of time really diving into all the cool things LinkedIn can do and report on the nooks and crannies. In the end, my heart was just not in it. But still a great idea — why not dive deep into a social media platform and report on the surprising capabilities you find there.

8) Leadership and the Digital Divide

By 2020, half of our workforce will be made up by Digital Natives. What does it mean for leadership when you are managing a workforce accustomed to managing relationships and resolving conflict through Facebook and Snapchat? How does this change leadership? A deep question.

9) You don’t know me yet

Here is something that frustrates me — People come on to my blog one time and leave a comment making assumptions about me, my life, my intentions. They are judging me based on 750 words. We only see a fraction of a person through our social media platforms and yet we call them our friends. Believe me. You don’t know me yet.  I started writing about this but couldn’t find a way to call attention to the issue without sounding whiney.

10) The future of customer connections

Big Data. Augmented reality. Ubiquitous digital presence. What does this mean for customer connections? This is a vital question but it was making my head hurt thinking about it. Go for it.

So there you have it. Anybody up for one of these topics?

Posts inspired by this idea:

What would Baudolino do with social media? by Arjan Tupan

Sustainable transparency by Katie Mayberry

Engagement is an honor: How I’m getting over my fear of commenting by Monica Rodgers

Confessions of a LinkedIn Slacker by Mandy Edwards

Illustration courtesy Flickr CC and Gabor

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