Snapchat for the win

Snapchat for the win


For the first time since Facebook unseated MySpace in the hearts and minds of teens, ladies and gentlemen, we have a new social media champion — Snapchat, at least if you’re a young American (cue David Bowie).

While Facebook continues to dominate overall social media usage, in a new report from Edison Research, Snapchat has eclipsed Facebook with social media users aged 12-24. In fact, 72 percent of them now use Snapchat and 26 percent cited this as the channel they use most often, up from 15 percent just a year ago, a mind-blowing statistic.

At the same time, Facebook dropped from 43 percent to 32 percent as the most-used network for that age group.

This new report prompted a fascinating discussion with Tom Webster on our Marketing Companion podcast. We also discuss:

  • Why this trend is another way consumers are becoming “less available” to advertisers.
  • Why influencer marketing is growing in importance and how it is transforming in this ad-free era.
  • Is Snapchat social media as it was meant to be? It’s unencumbered by Likes, status and brands (for now).
  • New data on podcasting and why Tom Webster now believes this should be considered a “mainstream” channel.
  • Why the “short attention span” view is a myth.
  • The enigma of radio — receivers are disappearing but reach is holding steady.
  • Content in the future — might be unrecognizable from where we are today.

And oh yes, to fully enjoy this podcast, you’re going to need this:

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Are you ready to hear more? Of course you are. Let’s get to it:

If you can’t access the Snapchat for the win edition above, click on this link to listen to Episode 71

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