Are you big enough to have a brand?

Many business owners think their companies are too small to have a brand. Do YOU have a brand?
Yes, you do!

A brand is your promise to your customers.

It is the personification of your company.

It is defined by …

… everything you do and say
… everything you DON’T do and say
… what your customers say about you
… what your customers have to say about you

To demonstrate the power of the idea of “brand,” let me pose a question. What would you think if Coca-Cola announced it was moving beverage production to China to save money? You would be outraged, right? But why? Thousands of companies have out-sourced overseas with nary a whimper from the public. But Coke … well it’s all American, it’s the real thing. No! Not China.


So somehow this company has established a personality and a “promise” for sugar water. Pretty neat, huh? Take a look at the images above. Can a single letter elicit an emotion from you? THAT my friend is the power of a brand!

What about you? What do your customers think about when they hear about your company? What are you known for? What is YOUR promise to your customers?

If you can’t answer these questions, you better do some homework. If you haven’t defined your brand, your customers will. And, increasingly, your customers will, to. Through the Internet. everyone is a critic, publisher and reviewer. Word about a bad customer experience could be broadcast within moments of when it happens.

Today an influential blogger had a bad experience with an Apple store. He wrote a scathing article called “Go to hell Apple” … FROM THE STORE!

So yes, you have a brand. And it’s probably your most important business asset. Now go defend it!

Graphic credit: In The Picture Design

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