Content marketing FOMO and the future of marketing budgets

content marketing fomo

In our latest edition of The Marketing Companion podcast, Tom Webster and I explore a couple of fascinating topics.

The first is that marketers seems undeterred by the fact that most corporate content is not working, at least in a measurable way. Various research reveals that content marketing is not seen as effective by a majority of marketers, yet content creation budgets continue to rise dramatically.

In our podcast, Tom Webster described content marketing as “an uphill slog” with the value of content “rapidly approaching zero” due to the flood of helpful and quality content that’s available.

But Tom points out that “Marketers have to do something, and this is that something.” Is FOMO — the fear of missing out — driving a high level of content creation when the metrics don’t seem to pan out?

We explore the psychology and economics of this enigma, pointing out:

  • Many marketers have a short-term focus and do things day-to-day hoping that the accumulation of activity means something.
  • Google’s impact on declining content value
  • The fact that content marketing takes time. Marketers may be exhibiting patience.
  • Google Analytics does not measure everything that is meaningful. We don’t know the slight adjustments in the views of our readers/listeners/viewers with each piece of content.
  • Over time, marketers will spend money on the media that can be measured. There will be a flight to better-quality channels if content marketing cannot be better measured.

The other topic we discuss is courage in marketing, inspired by a talk by Jim Stengel, former CMO of Procter & Gamble. Mark and Tom look at two different examples of courage in marketing:

The new episode of The Marketing Companion is filled with big ideas and I know you’ll enjoy it:

If you can’t access the edition above, click on this link to listen to Episode 87

Resources mentioned in this episode

We referenced the creative commercials featuring the character Flo from Progressive.

Doug Kessler of Velocity Marketing

The post How Google ruined content marketing by Chad Pollitt

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