Do you need a director of remote work?

director of remote work

In our new Marketing Companion podcast episode, Brooke Sellas and I explore a hot trend — hiring a director of remote work. At first glance, this might seem trendy or even overkill but when you dive into the details there is something interesting going on here.

Remote work isn’t going away any time soon and this presents new issues with accountability, accessibility, inclusiveness, and team-building. So I think you’ll enjoy this ripped-from-the-headlines discussion.

I also start this program with a rant (I seem to be ranting more than usual lately!). It looks like Australia is making a move to require Facebook and Google to compensate the original news sources fueling much of the success of those platforms.

I think this is a very important step. We take free news — free content of all kinds — for granted without considering the devastating economic impact on the news industry. This is long overdue. Tune in to hear why!

Finally, we look at this exploding trend of online mental health care. Does it make sense to you that 82% of people believe robots can support their mental health better than humans?

Brooke and I decided to give online mental health a try by testingWoebot(what a bad name!)

A fun show featuring the comedy stylings of Andrea Vahl.

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