How to fix marketing NOW with Raja Rajamannar

Raja Rajamannar

What an amazing treat I have in store for you today! On the latest episode of The Marketing Companion, Brooke Sellas and I have a frank chat with marketing titan Raja Rajamannar, the CMO of MasterCard.

Why is this so special? I find that so many people in marketing are trying to hold on to what they have. Instead of leading change, they only make a move forward when it’s too late.

Raja RajamannarRaja Rajamannar is not like that at all. He is a true leader of The Marketing Rebellion. He not only embraces change, he’s a no-holds-barred evangelist for a new vision of marketing and that comes to life in his new book Quantum Marketing: Mastering the New Marketing Mindset for Tomorrow’s Consumers.

You will not want to miss this show — one of the best in our history. Here are a few snippets to tantalize you:

  • MasterCard based its marketing program on providing immersive customer experiences. How do you do that in a pandemic? Raja describes an unexpected marketing victory that led to an 18X gain.
  • “The marketing function is entering an unparalleled era of risk. The credibility and gravitas of marketing is going down … there is no question about it. 70 percent of CEOs have little or no faith in marketing.”
  • “When marketing is not responsible for the four P’s — the pillars of marketing, all you have left is meaningless creative fluff.”
  • “Never answer a business question with a marketing answer.”
  • “A lot of purpose-driven marketing is being driven by a need to be politically correct or a fear of missing out. Most of what I see is an opportunistic pursuit of purpose. Your cause should be at the core of your business. Purpose is larger than the company or brand.”
  • “Marketers are blessed with resources. They are blessed with the art and science of shaping culture. How can we use these resources to really help society?”
  • “Marketing education is in crisis. Unfortunately, marketing is not being taken seriously as a profession. It’s seen as superficial. It’s not.”
  • “The future of marketing for small businesses could lie in hiring fractional ownership of technical talent.”

You are going to LOVE this show. Ready? Here we go!

Click on this link to listen to Episode 216

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