The 10 Best Marketing Blog Posts of 2021

best marketing blog posts

Each year, I have a tradition of compiling my best marketing blog posts of the year, based on the number of reader views. It’s a way for me to reflect on the year as well as highlight some good posts you might have missed. Here is the 2021 10 most popular post countdown … with a few bonuses at the end!

10. The content marketing argument for selling nothing

Your boss wants your content to sell, sell, sell. But maybe not.

9. Your competitors can copy everything except this

What is the source of competitive differentiation? Look no further.

8. Struggling with your personal brand? This is why.

I do a lot of coaching in this area and I see a common theme.

7. Welcome to the Era of Unintended Consequences

The pandemic has been a re-set for marketing but in some non-obvious ways!

6. 10 Golden Rules of Personal Branding

Personal lessons that seemed to help a lot of people.

5. Is an SEO investment always smart for your business?

In many businesses, an emphasis on SEO is misguided Here’s why.

4. Five significant trends pointing to marketing’s future

Thinking about the future is where I dwell.

3. Please. Let’s not stary with “why”

This one sort of blew up, but most people agreed with me.

2. Looking beyond experience to measure customer outcomes

Keith Reynold Jennings knocked it out of the park with this one.

1. 10 Human-Centered Marketing Examples

A fun post with examples of companies connecting in a meaningful way.

My vote

… for a post that should have made the Top 10:

Is there any way to fix Facebook?

Short answer: No. Long answer: Also no.

Top podcast episodes

This was a year of transition and experimentation on The Marketing Companion, now one of the longest-running business podcasts on the planet. As we enter our 10th year we keep moving forward and had some of the biggest shows ever in 2021:

Tom Peters’ profound and unexpected advice to the marketing community

The greatest business author of all-time is retiring … but not before he visited the Marketing Companion with some words of wisdom. This was the most popular episode in the nine-year history of The Marketing Companion. You’ll want to listen to this episode twice.

How does content work in the world today?

Jay Acunzo and I share some content marketing truths. One of my very favorite conversations!

New AI application offers conversations with the dead

Looks like a click-bait headline. It’s not.

Thanks for following along on my blog and podcast this year!

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