How does content work in the world today?

how does content work

I hope you’re enjoying the new format of the Marketing Companion as much as I am. Rotating through expert co-hosts allows me to expand the conversations and go deep into pressing marketing issues like how content works today.

how does content work

Jay Acunzo

The new episode will blow you away. The next companion is Jay Acunzo. Jay is well-known as a popular speaker, author (Break the Wheel), and podcaster (Unthinkable), but what I admire him most for is his craft-like approach to creating content. Nobody thinks more deeply about how content works in this world than Jay.

And that’s why this conversation is so exceptional.

Jay and I don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye on where the world is going, which makes this episode particularly compelling and fun. Listen in and learn:

  • How reach, resonance, and relevance are intertwined and evolving into something new in a post-SEO world,
  • Why expertise is a commodity on the web … or is it?
  • Does the famous idea of 1,000 True Fans really work? Is that a rational monetization strategy for creators? (Jay and I disagree on this).
  • We blow up the notion of monetizing an audience into some practical and rational ideas.

This was so good. As soon as the episode dropped, I had to listen to it again. How does content work in the world today? This episode will take you in new directions. Just click below to listen in and don’t forget to subscribe to the show here!

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