My fatal flaw: I’m allergic to networking


The new episode of The Marketing Companion is a study in networking contrasts.

Author and college educator Amanda Russell begins our show by explaining how she gathered some of the most influential people in Austin, TX, for a dinner where they exposed their most vulnerable lessons — and she didn’t even know these people!

On the other extreme of the networking continuum is me. I explain how I had a chance to go to a cocktail party with CMOs from Disney, ESPN, and other big brands and passed it up because I preferred to have dinner with an old friend. I’m an introvert who hates crowded events. How do I succeed in business? I’m not quite sure.

Amanda provides a masterclass in networking (a word Amanda dislikes, but it is what it is!). This is a fascinating show exploring ideas on connecting to people in meaningful ways, even when our lives are moving 1,000 miles an hour.

Some themes:

  • Deep research on potential connections
  • Creating value that cuts through the noise
  • Continual effort to build on momentum
  • Establishing a mutually-beneficial relationship
  • Focus on the individual, not the ask
  • Prioritizing follow-up and follow through
  • Establishing reciprocity
  • The role of community

You won’t want to miss this fascinating discussion!

All you have to do is click here to listen:

Click on this link to listen to hear Episode 257

Resources mentioned in this show:

Mark Schaefer’s Personal Branding Master Class

Will Storr’s book The Status Game

Book by David Marx Status and Culture

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