The inescapable role of humans in an AI world

role of humans in an AI world

We live in one of the most confounding and exciting times as philosophers and scientists grapple with an improbable question: “What is the role of humans in an AI world?”

It seems bizarre we would even have to consider the possibility of the shrinking relevance of a carbon-based human. In AI, we are creating something magnificent and frightening. Deep Mind founder Mustafa Suleyman (who currently leads AI for Microsoft) says AI is a digital species that can see, hear, think, and respond to its environment. In a new TED talk, he said “AI is us.”

Now hold on. AI is not us. AI is not my mom, my child, or my spouse. “AI is us” makes a good sound bite, but that is just not true. So, what is AI? This is the question of the moment, and it made for a wonderful discussion on the new episode of The Marketing Companion podcast.

In this episode, my genius friend Mathew Sweezey and I begin to explore the role of humans when AI rules the marketing world. Some of our discussion points:

  • Humans will still need to create experiences and human-to-human connections that deliver outcomes. Connecting to customers and the human touch.
  • The new emphasis on artisanal — isn’t that what we cherish most?
  • AI will make customers expect perfect things faster
  • AI as an enabler for humans, especially smaller businesses
  • The human skills that will be the most cherished
  • The aspect of humanity that still defines our marketing

As you see, this is a fascinating and vital conversation. To listen in, simply click here:

Listen to Marketing Companion EPISODE 289

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