Content Code: A blueprint for succeeding in a world of overwhelming information density

content code

I could argue that this is the most difficult time to be in marketing … ever.

  • Fragmented channels.
  • Shifting rules of engagement on social, mobile, and digital advertising.
  • Tumultuous changes in SEO best practices.
  • A rapid and radical change in the skills needed to keep pace.

… and thrown into this mix is perhaps the most profound change to our industry since the mobile phone — malignant growth in information density. Most estimates center on a number of 500 percent growth in the amount of information available in the Internet by 2020. Do you think it might get a little harder to get our marketing message across?

Clearly more content is not the answer. Even “better” content is not necessarily going to help in this environment. We are past the days where content is merely a blunt instrument to get page views and search results. Organic content reach is plummeting, attention is at a premium, and the content arms race is growing more fierce each day.

We need ideas. We need alternatives, and a plan to fight through this challenge. We need The Content Code.

The Content Code is a blueprint for marketing today

For the last year, I’ve obsessed over this problem — how do you prepare for this content war and win? After months of research, more than 50 expert interviews, and an intense investigation into every nuance and angle, I’ve uncovered a path forward, accessible to any one and any business.

I’m proud of this book. I think it is my best book ever, and perhaps the best work of my career. It is the book we need right now to change the course of our marketing mindset and help us adapt to this intimidating wall of noise.

The book covers essential new ideas such as:

  • How the economics of content marketing are being forged by content saturation and content transmission, not Likes, followers, or page views — requiring a new business focus and mindset.
  • How, in many cases, successful content marketing has nothing to do with content and everything to do with branding, social proof, and the power of your website.
  • Dozens of ways to build “shareability” into your content that gives your efforts the very best chance to cut through and succeed.
  • Why marketing strategy needs to refocus on the elite 2 percent of your audience — your Alpha Audience — who truly drives economic value.
  • The six possible strategies to ignite your content — nearly all of them are available and affordable to businesses of any size.
  • Technological changes on the horizon that will radically alter every approach to social media and content marketing.

This is the path-finding book that should be an essential read for business leaders and any one in marketing, community management, advertising, and public relations. If you have enjoyed my blog, podcast and the years of free content I’ve delivered to you, this would be a great way to show your support for my work. Please buy it today, review it, and share it with everybody who loves marketing, social media, and the Internet.

The Content Code is now available on Amazon and Kindle, and will soon be available as an Audible audio book.

The Content Code was created, in part, through the patronage of Dell and gShift. Please support these amazing and generous companies.

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