Marketing a radical new idea that could change sports


marketing a radical new idea

One of my podcast co-hosts, Amanda Russell, has an incredibly tough marketing problem.

She is on the cutting edge of a movement that could overturn sports as we know it. Traditional sports training is destroying the mental and physical health of young women. In some cases, it is taking their lives.

The research is there. Women are speaking out. But how do you get the world to pay attention, especially when it threatens careers, storied sports teams, the Olympics, and a multi-billion-dollar industry?

That is the topic of the latest episode of The Marketing Companion podcast. Amanda talks about her own health struggles, her passionate fight to be heard, and a bold attempt to change the sports world.

The latest episode of The Marketing Companion is sure to inspire you and teach you something new. Just click here to listen!

Click here to enjoy Marketing Companion episode 286

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