What does digital transformation mean to marketing?

digital transformation

By Mark Schaefer

Is your head spinning over the prospect of digital transformation and marketing?

Certainly the change ahead might seem dizzying. Social media and social selling, Big Data and analytics, new listening platforms, and artificial intelligence are just a few of the ideas gaining momentum. How does a marketing leader manage through this level of change?

In this new episode of The Marketing Companion, Tom Webster and I interview Bryan E. Jones, VP North America Commercial Marketing for Dell Technologies. I have known Bryan for four years and I always learn something from him. In all my travels, I’ve never met another executive who is more tuned-in when it comes to the integration of technology and sales and marketing.

Our latest episode of The Marketing Companion is an extraordinary conversation, revealing:

  • The importance of cultural support and leadership in a digital transformation.
  • Why you can’t “metric” a digital culture.
  • How Dell is using training as a core component of employee involvement and social selling.
  • What is the difference between IT transformation and digital transformation?
  • How do we make technology work for us in marketing?
  • How Bryan challenges his commercial team to take risks, experiment, and push the boundaries of social media through innovation contests.
  • How do you keep focused on the technologies that will have really have an impact?
  • The shift toward video.

And of course Tom and I have a little fun along the way, revealing the secret behind the Marketing Companion Headquarters and why Meerkat is the ideal sponsor: Ready for this? Hit play!

If you can’t access the episode above, click on this link to listen to Episode 96

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Illustration courtesy Flickr CC and carrotmadman6.

Disclosure: Mark Schaefer has occasionally had paid engagements with Dell, the company mentioned in this episode. 

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