What is the “gist” of you? Staying relevant as a creator

staying relevant as a creator

I don’t know of a person on earth who has studied the art and science of content creation more than Jay Acunzo. Not only is Jay an extremely accomplished writer, podcaster, and producer, he’s a very gifted teacher. And the lesson many of us need right now is all about staying relevant as a creator.

AI is nipping at our heels — and perhaps our careers — and Jay and I riff about our personal strategies to stay relevant in the AI Era.

In the new episode of the Marketing Companion podcast, you’ll hear:

  • Helpful and actionable prompts to connect you to your audience needs
  • The one act of courage needed to transcend information density
  • Ideas to identify a sustainable “angle” in a crowded market
  • A simple formula for naming the problem you solve for your customers

… and more!

Our shows are always a brisk 30-minutes and packed with lots of cool information! Click here to tap into some new ideas about staying relevant as a creator!

Click to hear Episode 273

Resources mentioned in this show:

Jay’s Creator Kitchen program

Mark’s personal branding book KNOWN

The personal branding master class

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