Values and marketing: Which leads which?

values and marketing

Every time I talk to Keith Jennings, my mind is twisted in exciting new directions! The new episode of The Marketing Companion is no exception as we explore values and marketing in an unexpected way.

We started this show by talking about the necessity of aligning company values and marketing strategy with purpose. But this evolved into a realization that, over time, a marketing strategy might be influencing an organization’s purpose and place in the world. It can change in a complex dance over time.

We talk about the idea that brands evolve toward certain values, much like humans do with needs (think Maslow’s Hierarchy). A startup can focus on values, but they must first compete and win on value, not values. Over time, they evolve beyond the functional value of their brand (tasty chicken sandwiches and waffle fries) to the social/emotional realm (i.e., values, purpose).

It was a fascinating discussion, and I learned a lot. I think you will too! Click here for your free access to the mind of Keith Reynold Jennings!

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