The race to embrace AI might overwhelm ethical considerations

embrace AI

On the latest episode of The Marketing Companion, members of the RISE community discuss how they see the race to embrace AI impacts education, marketing, culture, careers, ethics, and our children.

The widespread adoption of AI is not just something new; it’s something vast, impacting almost everything we touch …

  • Although dominant in the marketing conversation, AI is still a blank for much of the population
  • The AI meme driving me crazy right now!
  • How AI is impacting culture
  • Why pop culture is hurting our views of AI
  • Why true AI conversation is still years away
  • How a liberal arts degree might be an advantage in our emerging AI world
  • The disconnect between AI coding and ethics
  • Why AI might present an employment crunch for young people. Entry level jobs being replaced?
  • The problem with underlying datasets powering AI
  • How the race to embrace AI could overwhelm legal and ethical implications
  • An AI backlash will put an emphasis on human connection and community

This is a thought-provoking and energizing conversation to consider as we embrace AI! Join in! All you have to do is click here:


Community members featured in this show:

Chad Parizman

Mary Kathryn Johnson

Brian Piper

Howard Fields

Scott Scowcroft


Resources mentioned in this show:

Reid Hoffman’s free book on AI

The Stupidity of AI

Belonging to the Brand: Why Community is the Last Great Marketing Strategy

Frank Prendergast’s Virtual Art Show

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