Considering conversation as a marketing strategy


I don’t think there is any more important battleground for marketing today than the effort to form relevant new customer connections. Traditional connections are being threatened on every front:

  • Loss of online tracking data
  • Stricter privacy regulations
  • Inability to properly staff call centers due to labor shortages
  • Surge in customer complaints due to supply chain disruptions
  • Historic transition to online interactions amplified by the pandemic

On the new Marketing Companion episode, Brooke Sellas (overcoming COVID!) and I explore how new opportunities for “conversations” can spark new marketing opportunities. We look at:

  • How customer care is a new “seam” of opportunity for marketers
  • The fascinating social psychology of conversations that leads to customer intimacy
  • The role of AI in customer care today and in the metaverse?
  • Why most marketers are grossly overlooking the link between customer conversations and sales

This is a great show full of new ideas and original insights. Click here to enjoy it all:

Click on this link to listen to hear Episode 243

More information on the topics covered in this show:

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