Why CapCut might be the Gen Alpha social media app


In the new Marketing Companion episode, Sara Wilson and I unpack several massive marketing trends propelled by Gen Z. One of the highlights of our discussion were the insights about CapCut.

While Instagram and TikTok are visual mediums with editing, CapCut starts with cinematic editing as a means to the content. CapCut is owned by ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok.

Sara explained CapCut this way:

“TikTok is the engine colonizing the world’s attention. Tik Tok is guaranteed an infinite content supply from its baby sister, CapCut. It’s really a power pairing. And so it has this giant leg up. It’s a creative tool. Yes, it’s an app. But it’s integrated with this content engine. And so when we think about what are the dynamics that are actually going to put an app or service squarely in the path of (the next generation) I think there’s a lot of signs that point to CapCut as being well-suited for that to happen.”

While that is quite an insight, there’s much, much more to this show:

  • The super-charged new trends pioneered by Gen Z
  • Why Gen Z is longing for a time they’ve never experienced
  • The impact of chaos on this generation
  • The unexpected role of brand characters
  • Why a diet pill massively dominates Gen Z culture
  • How the Taylor Swift impact blurs the lines of marketing with game dynamics
  • Why companies are opening up to let consumers “re-mix” their brand

You do NOT want to miss this. All you have to do is click here to listen:

Click here to enjoy Marketing Companion episode 283

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