Why I am irrationally excited about a U-Haul truck

I was having coffee with a friend in Portland, Maine, when I suddenly jumped out of my seat. “Wait a minute!” I said. “I have to go see this U-Haul truck!”

I ran out the door, skipped across the boulevard, and stood in front of a U-Haul truck parked on the street. It looked like this:

u-haul truck

So why did I abandon a perfectly nice coffee shop and an above-average friend for a U-Haul truck? It just shouted “Marketing Rebellion!”

Four main principles from my Marketing Rebellion book:

  1. The customer is the marketer.
  2. Marketing is about their story, not your story.
  3. Make the customer the hero.
  4. User-generated content is among the most valuable marketing assets.
  5. Help customers belong.

I love this truck because it hits on all cylinders and, with apologies to U-Haul, it’s honoring customers through a pretty boring product, too.

How this U-Haul program works

In 2018, U-Haul created a program called U-Haul Famous. It allows any customer to upload a photo to their site for consideration on a truck. Within 6-8 weeks, a customer photo appears on a U-Haul truck decal.

If your photo is used on a truck, you can then track your photo by seeing where “your” truck is anywhere, at any time, in the U.S. and Canada.

I called U-Haul’s marketing department (four different people) and tried to get a quote about the program. I am particularly interested in success stories and what percentage of the photos they actually use.

Nobody returned my call. So … that kind of sucks U-Haul. But hey, I like your marketing program.

I want to be on one of your trucks!

The customer is the marketer. How do we help them do the job?

Update: A week later, nobody from U-Haul has returned my call, even after outreach on social media. Their social media agency, however, is having a field day taking advantage of the blog post for positive publicity. This is just wrong on so many levels:


u-haul sucks

In this example, U-Haul has turned a positive case study into a negative one. I was an advocate for their marketing and now I have a negative attitude about the company because they ignored me and then took advantage of me. It makes me wonder … if they won’t return my call when I say something good about them, would they return my call if I had trouble with one of their trucks?

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