The Transformation is Happening: Consumers as Brand Creator

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Welcome to the TENTH SEASON of The Marketing Companion podcast!

In the new Marketing Companion episode, we hear from Mathew Sweezey on the evolving role of crypto and Web3 in the marketing mix. Mathew is uniquely qualified to provide this overview since he works on some of the most significant Web3/NFT brand projects in the world through his position at Salesforce.

A few highlights from this fascinating show:

On crypto winter — “I agree with most of the experts out there on crypto winter. This is a necessary shake-out that gets us back to our core. What will disappear is all that is silly. Many of us are excited about this point in time.”

Future of NFTs — “I see companies saying that NFTs are the next major revenue for source for their brand. This is the next billion-dollar product. Others are giving them away for free. That’s the data play. It’s reverse CRM.”

NFT strategy — “When we are working with brands on Web3, everybody wants to do everything. It’s yes, yes, yes. Marketers have to establish a set of guiding principles. We have to guide brands to be ethical.”

Consumer as brand creator — “The future is much more collaborative. We are changing the relationships with brands. We are actually transferring ownership of IP. It changes the role of consumer from somebody who is buying to someone who is co-owning and brand creator.”

This is an incredibly valuable glimpse into the future of marketing and you won’t want to miss it:

Click on this link to listen to hear Episode 247

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