Why Gen Z is hiding out in digital campfires

digital campfires

I am endlessly fascinated by Gen Z. Of course they are different. Every generation is different. But what astonishes me most is their oversized impact on culture and business. Like digital campfires.

In the latest episode of The Marketing Companion, Sara Wilson and I discuss one aspect of the Gen Z impact — Young people are folding up their social media tents and barricading themselves in online sites (digital campfires) where we might not be able to find them. A few implications:

  • Social listening platforms will be useless
  • It’s almost impossible for brands to show up in an authentic way
  • Connecting in these spaces will require efforts to entertain and captivate far beyond any marketing we’re doing today.

This discussion will get your wheels turning!

Sara Wilson

Sara Wilson

Oh yes … about Sara! Sara is one of my new co-hosts for the show, so if you love this conversation, she’ll be back again soon.

Sara ran lifestyle partnerships at Facebook and Instagram, was an editor at The Huffington Post, and wrote for The Economist and People. She now consults with companies like YouTube and Nike to grow communities across digital channels.

In this episode, we refer to a few digital assets you might love:

You won’t want to miss our digital campfires discussion!

Click on this link to listen to hear Episode 254

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digital campfires

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