The future of influencers and retail

influencers and retail

This is an exciting week because I’m re-launching The Marketing Companion podcast with a new twist.

Instead of a regular co-host, I’ll have six different marketing geniuses rotating through that co-host slot over the next year …

The Marketing Companions

influencers and retail 2

  • Mathew Sweezey is a director of marketing for Salesforce and the author of The Context Marketing Revolution.
  • Dennis Yu is former Yahoo!, former American Airlines, CEO of BlitzMetrics, AdWeek contributor.
  • Keith Reynold Jennings is vice president of community impact for Jackson Healthcare.
  • Brooke Sellas is the founder of B Squared Media.
  • Amanda Russell is a professor at Northwestern University and the University of Texas and the author of The Influencer Code
  • Jay Acunzo is former ESPN, former Hubspot, podcast guru, author of Break the Wheel.

Yes, this is going to be great.

We kick off the new Marketing Companion Era with Mathew Sweezey. A few months ago, Mathew visited me at my home in Tennessee. For hours, we sat by a fire pit overlooking the lake, solving the problems of the marketing world. Every 10 minutes I said, “I wish we were recording this!”

Well, we finally did.

Our first show is wide-ranging, covering TikTok, getting stoned with customers (or not), and the latest Facebook doo-doo.

But the door swings wide open when our conversation turns to the future of influencer marketing. In short, it might be everything. We brainstorm what the intersection of retail and influence might look like and you won’t want to miss this crazy discussion! All you have to do is click here:

Click on this link to listen to Episode 230

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