A profound discussion on the AI threat to creativity

AI Threat to creativity

If anybody can comment on the AI threat to creativity, it would be Jay Acunzo. Jay is literally a student of creativity. He lives it, breathes it, and documents his thinking on creative processes in his newsletter and podcast.

And he’s not worried about the threat of AI. He recently wrote:

The problem isn’t that bots will replace marketers. The problem is that marketers are acting like bots.

A ton of people are worried AI will replace them, or at least replace their work. I’m not. A ton of people are scrambling to incorporate these tools into their work. I’m not.

AI does not pose a problem to me. AI also does not SOLVE a problem I have in my writing or other content.

Problem is … I disagree with him.

I think you’ll enjoy the latest episode of The Marketing Companion as we debate the true AI threat to creativity and the creative process.

Jay discusses three distinct aspects of the creative process and thinks AI might only chomp into one of them.

On the other side, I contend that the creative process doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and it is irrelevant if the resulting art doesn’t resonate with an audience … and AI could dominate that.

In fact, I depict a probable future where AI effectively responds to our deepest content desires with an endless stream of dopamine-inducing images and videos. If you think TikTok or YouTube is addictive, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

I hope you’ll tap into this fascinating discussion and explore ideas about content, marketing, and the true AI threat to creativity.

Click on this link to hear Episode 267

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